The Chosen Business Conference - Branding
Jewish Latin Center - Benefit
Beth Rivkah Seminary - Groundbreaking
Aishel House - Gala Benefit
The Mayanot Leadership Gala
Cobble Hill Health Center - Annual Dinner
Lubavitch Educational Center - Jubilation 50
JCON- Real Estate Summit - Branding
Aishel House - Gala Benefit
Chabad of Forsyth - Inaugural Gala
Hand in Hand - Annual Benefit
Aishel House - Grand Opening Event
Cheder Lubavitch Chicago - 40 Year Dinner
Chabad of Natick - Gala Tribute 30
LEC Miami Annual Gala Dinner
Aishel House - Gala Benifit
Chabad of Rochester—36 Year Gala
Campus Shnei Ohr - Annual Dinner
Groundbreaking - Chabad of Flagstaff
Oholei Torah - 60 Year Dinner
Chelsea Shul - Gala Branding
Chabad of Bergan County - Annual Dinner Invitation
JLC - Annual Gala
Chabad of Beekman - Spring Gala
Aishel House - Annual Benefit
Oholei Torah - Annual Gala Dinner
Chabad Bergen County - Annual Dinner
Yehudi - VIP Gala Dinner
Chelsea Gala - Expanding Horizons
Chabad of Vancouver Island - Groundbreaking
Lubavitch Educational Center - Annual Dinner 2015
RCA - Founders' Dinner
30 Year Gala - Going Fourth
Aishel House - Groundbreaking
Purim Festival at Luna Park
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